about bewhiskered


*waves* My name is Kenzie and I am a stay at home Mom who has always had her hands busy with some sort of crafty endeavor. Along with my husband and two sons, I share my house with a brain damaged Manx and a calico with a drool problem. We all reside in a suburb North of Atlanta, GA.

I started making Ruggles when I had my son. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for when I shopped. I liked the idea behind a tag blanket, but they were too small. Normal blankets were nice, but boring. As a child, I had a Tiger rug my Mom had latch hooked for me.*

My brother on the latch hook rug my Mom made

I started making my own version – a (stuffed) Tiger skin rug. My son liked it, but it was a bit too big for portability.

I took that idea, made it smaller and added tag like elements and voila! My Ruggles were born.

The very first Ruggle

I love the idea that I am creating something that will be loved and can give comfort. My hope is that the security blankets I make will be used and loved and then passed down to a new generation.

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*This is how I remembered it. My Mom, of course, told me I had it all wrong. My rug was a bunny, and was oval. It was my brother who had the tiger. We finally dug out the pictures and it turns out she was totally right. I’m glad for my revisionist history version though, because without it I might never have made that first Ruggle. :)